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The Orange Barrels is a children’s book series featuring a family of orange barrels that travel all over the U.S. This family will teach your children about each state and country they visit by highlighting the special features and locations that make each destination unique. Your children will love the characters and get excited each time the family takes off on its next adventure. They will learn to read maps, explore geography and learn about historical landmarks. Along the way the Barrels will meet friends like Stop Sign and Jackhammer, who will help them explore the state they’re working in.

Geography will come alive as this book series will open the eyes of your child to
the world around them.

Stop Sign


The Orange Barrels in Georgia

The Orange Barrels in Georgia

The Orange Barrels adventure heads for the south in the new book, The Orange Barrels in Georgia. Pops, Mimi, Donaven and Danielle visit amazing cities and learn about historic people in this new book. Get yours today!

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